Is Divi a free theme?

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A simple and straight forward answer to this question is no, Divi is a premium theme by Elegant Theme and is not available for free.

Also, like some other themes, Divi can’t be purchased as a single product. You will have to buy the Elegant themes package to use Divi.

Elegant Themes Pricing and Plans

divi theme price

There are 2 Elegant theme packages available

Both of these packages include

  • Access to Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch
  • Multiple website packs
  • Updates
  • Support
  • Unlimited website usage
  • 30-day risk free money back guarantee

You can find the complete list of features here

Now, in case you are thinking if both plans offer the same features then

What is the difference both Elegant themes plans

The answer is simple, if you go for the Lifetime access package you will only have to pay once and you will get access to lifetime of premium support and updates.

In case you go for the Yearly access, then you will get updates and support for a year only and to get access to these features in the next year you will have to renew.

Having said that,

The next question is

Which Elegant themes package you should buy

Purchase a lifetime license if you are in the web design or related fields or have multiple sites that can benefit from this. Buying this package will lower down your website production costs and you can see a few sites to make your money back

If you are new to the online world or have a single site then the Yearly access package is for you. On average any good theme costs you approx $50/ year and to add more functionalities to your site, you will have to buy multiple plugins. However, here in $89, you get almost everything.

And this significantly lowers the cost of website creation.

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