How do I hide Pin images on my WordPress blog?

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Hiding pins in WordPress blog posts is very simple and it can be done in 2 ways

  • Using plugins
  • Manually

If you are new to the industry or are not comfortable with adding or editing code then I will recommend using a plugin for this as it can be done in a few clicks. Also, when it comes to manually hiding pins the process gets a little bit complicated when you are trying to hide multiple Pinterest optimized pins.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to hide a pin using plugin. And the plugin that we are going to use is Tasty Pins.

If you are not familiar with this plugin then let me tell you briefly about its features.

  • On installing Tasty Pins automatically adds Pinterest Save button to images on your blog.
  • If you don’t want some images to be pinned then you can use disable pinning of certain images
  • You can add custom pin description to every image on your blog.
  • You can hide pins with just a few clicks
  • Using Tasty Pins you can force users to pin hidden images.

Having said that,

How to hide pins in blog posts using Tasty Pins

To hide Pinterest images using this plugin, the first step is to download and install Tasty Pins.

Once you are done installing the plugin, all you need to do is go to an existing post and edit it.

Now, scroll down to the end of the editor where you will find Pinterest hidden images setting.

pinterest hidden images

In the next step, you need to click Select Images and it will take you to media library where you need to upload your Pinterest image.

Once you have uploaded the image, click on it to select it and add the Pinterest description in the Pinterest text box.

hide pins in blog posts

Once you are done till here click Select and your hidden pin will be uploaded.

The last step in this process is to click update to save the changes you have made. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and are able to hide pins using Tasty Pins plugin.

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